Keep your spring planting up with all your favourite herbs and veges. 

Plant tomatoes  (we have 13 types in stock right now), cucumberszucchinibasilRussian tarragonradishes and sweet corn. Try secessional planting of your leafy greens like lettucerocket  and spinach.

This means planting a few more every couple weeks to ensure you have a continual supply over summer. Capsicums  and chillies are best planted at this time of the year too. Really, all vege and herbs you see in our online shop right now are perfect for planting.

November also produces ideal conditions for the weeds to shoot up now too. Keep on top of them with weekly hoeing. Applying mulch will help keep the weeds down as it prevents the light getting through to them and sprouting.

Nourishing your garden with a good general fertiliser a week or two after your seedlings have gone in will help give them the best start. This is best done right after your weeding.

Set up climbing frames for your peasbeantomatoes  and cucumbers. Training plants upwards also means you’ll end up with more room in your garden for herbs and smaller vege to be poked in between things. Any gaps that you’re left with are also good for planting a few spring onions in.

Get some netting up over your strawberries and anything else that is at risk from the birds. The birds will also be looking for aphids, as will wasps. Hose any aphids off with a burst of water and spray your plants with neem or conqueror oil. Planting marigolds  around your roses will also help deter the aphids.

Now is also the time to plant your sunflowers. Our Russian giants can reach up to 3m tall so make sure you remember to stake them right from the beginning. Petunias, poppies (our Anzac poppy is pictured), cosmos and salvias are also all popular flowers to plant right now.

If you’re wanting flowers that are bit further along the growing cycle, the nursery also has a range of established plants.

You’ll find flowers such as lupinslavenderfoxglove, and poppies. They’ve all had extra months of growing at the nursery so will instantly give appeal to your garden. 

Finally, if your grass is looking patchy sow some grass seed to smarten up your lawn.

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