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General tidy up:

  • Weed
  • Check ventilation in the greenhouse
  • Start thinking about water-saving techniques
  • Fertilise
  • Watch out for slugs and snails, try Tui Quash or our beer bait
  • Feed roses
  • Tidy up camellias
  • Deadhead flowers



Vege and herb garden

November is an exciting time in the garden, there are lots of fun varieties to plant such as tomatoes, chillies, capsicums, eggplants, kumara and melons.

Set up climbing frames for your peasbeans, tomatoes and cucumbers. Training plants upwards also means you’ll end up with more room in your garden for herbs and smaller vege to be poked in between things. Any gaps that you’re left with are also good for planting a few spring onions in. We also recommend staking your tomato plants early on for better support, by staking the plants early you’ll also prevent damaging the roots later on.

If you’re growing watermelon, remember that they need a warm climate and require at least three months of sun heat averaging above 20 degrees Celsius, rich soil and plenty of water. For more tips, see our watermelon gardening guide.

Basil, is it summertime without basil in your garden? Plant some basil around your garden to deter pests. If you’re wanting some for dessert flavouring try planting lemon and cinnamon basil, they add an interesting flavour to custards and crème pâtissier. For something a bit more savoury, plant thyme, coriander and chives. 

Flower Garden

Petunia’s seem to be the flower of the month! The nursery stocks over 15 varieties including duo burgundy, mixed, frost red and duo red and white. Petunia’s grow well as bedding, boarder and hanging plants and don’t require much attention- they’re perfect for the beginner gardener.

If you’re after some fragrance, November is the perfect time to plant your lavender seedlings or established plants. We recommend planting some around your vege and herb gardens and around your fruit trees to encourage pollination.

 If you’re after something a bit different this season, why not give celosia kimono mix a go? These fiery beauties add something a bit different to your garden with its flame-like heads, celosia looks like little balls of fire in the garden. It’s a small annual, that grows to around 30cm tall. Large waxy green leaves frame celosia’s spectacular flowers, which bloom in vibrant yellow, orange and reds.

Finally, if your grass is looking patchy sow some grass seed to smarten up your lawn.

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