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December 2020

The first day of December marks the start of summer! This is also the perfect time to plant some fun and (often) colourful summer veges.

General garden tidy up:

  • Trim your hedges, small trees and shrubs
  • Deadhead your flowers
  • Mulch around your plants
  • Trim lawn edges

Flower garden

Fill up your garden with some bright blooms this summer. Plant varieties like foxgloves, lavender, impatiens and poppies.

If you’re after something a bit different, why not try growing some lupins or some salvia, they'll add a bit of colour and height to your garden. If you're wanting to create a bee haven, remember to add some blue, yellow and purple flowers to your garden - flowers such as asters, zinnias and daisies are great for them. 

Vege and herb garden

Now is the time to get stuck in and plant your cucumbers, tomatoes, chillies, watermelon, rockmelon, sweet corn and passionfruit. We recommend staking your tomatoes and cucumbers early, to prevent damaging their roots later on.

While your garden is in full swing, remember to keep an eye on your zucchinitomatoes and capsicums; as they are prone to blossom end rot. Blossom end rot is a fungal disease which is caused by a calcium deficiency; which is a result of irregular watering. The best way to prevent it from spreading is to cut the infected leaves off and burn it – do not throw it in your compost heap, as it will spread.  And take care of those weeds - with the humid weather they’ll be growing like crazy. Harvest your herbs early to prevent them from going to seed.


Give your passion fruit another boost of fertiliser as they will be in full swing at the moment.

It's basil season! The nursery stocks eight varieties bush, lemon, Thai, sweet, red Rubin, cinnamon, Greek mini and mixed. Our cinnamon and lemon basil are quite fragrant and work well in desserts too. Try using the lemon basil in your custard or crème Brulee filling, to add a citrus burst of flavour.

It’s also time to harvest your garlic. Traditionally garlic harvesting should occur on the longest day of the year, (21st December) but keep an eye out on the leaves – if it’s turning a yellowish colour it’s time to pull them out; you don’t want your hard work to go to waste.

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