To give your oregano a trim. Cut it back so the stems are around 50mm from the ground. This will stop the plant going leggy. You can dry the removed branches. Once the branches are dry, peel the leaves off and chop them up then store in a jar for use in your cooking.

Ensure your household has plenty of ingredients for summer salads by remembering to plant lettuce, basil, spring onions and other gourmet herb and veg seedlings every couple/few weeks.

Plant your celery in mounded rows so they don't sit in any water. And, dig a ditch eight cm deep and plant your leek seedlings in the bottom. As they grow, mound the soil up around them. You could even plant your lettuces etc in amongst your leeks, which will take a lot longer to mature. Your lettuces, spring onions, and basil will be harvested before your leeks need the extra room.

Keep watering your courgettes and beans - the more you water the bigger they'll get. Remember to water your strawberries and tomatoes too (avoid the leaves on your tomatoes) - the more water they get the juicier their fruit will be.

If you don't have any tomatoes yet on the plants, use a paintbrush (or even an electric toothbrush turned on, minus the brush head) to spread the pollen from the flowers on one plant to another plant to pollinate them.

Harvest your fennel. And make your excess broccoli into broccoli soup to freeze for autumn meals.

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