Welcome to autumn! We don’t know about you, but we’re hoping this dry spell is over and that some cooler weather is coming our way.


After your summer crops have finished, it’s time to turn over your soil and replenish it with a new load of potting mix and some Tui Organic seaweed.

Autumn is the time to plant your hearty vege - broccoli, cauliflowerkale and cavalo NeroCavalo Nero (a cross between cabbage and kale) is full of vitamins and will add something different to your vege garden with its textured leaves.

Remember to rotate your planting. Plant your onionscarrots or leeks where you had your brassicas last year, and then move your brassicas to a new spot. This reduces the risk of any diseases spreading in your garden.

If it’s still harvesting time in your garden, by now your tomatoes, zucchini, beans and sweetcorn will be ready for eating and preserving. If you’re looking for a good recipe for your tomatoes try our tomato relish recipe. If your plums are going crazy check out our plum, rhubarb and ginger sauce.

Let’s not forget about your flower garden.  Autumn is the time to plant the “pretty P’s” - polyanthusprimulas and pansies. These easy growing flowers are the perfect addition to any autumn garden, they provide constant colour and variety.

If it’s still dry where you keep watering your vege and plants in the early morning or early evening. To retain moisture in your garden, apply a layer of mulch or try some of these water-saving tips from our Awapuni customers:

  1. Put a bucket in your shower to catch all the water. Stand with one leg in the bucket – You’ll be amazed at the amount of water you catch! -Johanna
  2. Freeze milk bottles full of water and pop them upside down in your garden – this slowly releases water over a period of time – Suzette1
  3. Put sheep’s wool around your trees to keep the moisture in – Dawn

 If you’ve got any other tips you’d like to share with us, email us on, and we can share them next time.


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