Keep up your watering. Water early evening or in the morning before the sun has any heat in it, to maximise the absorption from the plants. Extra attention needs to be given to your juicy plants like tomatoes and strawberries.

Apply mulch around the garden to reduce the need for watering. Mulch will protect the soil from the suns intense heat, and also retain water. Check your soil by pushing your finger down to your second knuckle. If its dry, you’ll need to water.

Pick tomatoes as soon as they’re ready. The same goes for zucchinis, unless you want them to grow into a marrow. Artichokes, peasbutternuts and cucumbers should all be ready for harvesting in January too.

Harvest your potatoes too. Flowering is one sign that they’re ready. If they’re not, continue to mound up the soil around them to encourage more tubers.

Keep up your planting for a constant supply of leafy greens over summer. Fast growing vege like rocketlettuce, basil and coriander are great to be continually planting every few weeks right now. Also try poking some spring onions into your garden to fill your gaps.

Deadhead your flowers, such as marigolds and petunias (petunia - double mixed pictured). Picking off your flowers when they dry will stop them rotting, and make way for the next round of blooms to come through.

This includes cutting back your roses to ensure they keep on flowering. Cut them back to the nearest bud -where the stem looks about the thickness of a pencil. This can deliver an extra 2 -3 months of flowering come autumn.

Grow sweet peas, sweet Williamcornflowers and portulaca.

Keep an eye out for disease. Downy mildew rots your leaves and plant pods. It often attacks your cucumbers, peas, pumpkins and onions. Powdery mildew looks like a powdery icing sugar all over your plant. It attacks similar plants, plus courgettes and leafy greens. In both cases, remove the damaged leaves. Get rid of the leaves in your rubbish, not compost. And spray with a fungicide to prevent it coming back.

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to plant, check out our planting calendar. It will give you an idea of when specific plants will be available to plant and purchase each year. And if you see something that’s not available right now, click on the ‘notify me when available button’ to be the first to know when it comes in.

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