At this time, what to do in the garden and thinking about what you should be planting probably isn’t at the top of your mind. But right now, we urge everyone to get out into their gardens - not only will your garden thank you but it’s no doubt a mood booster for you as well.  
April is a funny time of the year, with the weather not knowing whether it wants to rain or shine. This makes it the perfect time to start planning out your winter garden. Start thinking about what hardy greens you’re wanting to plant.
Firstly harvest the last of your summer crop, as your zucchinis, tomatoes, and pumpkins will be near their end. If you have some tomatoes that are still green, place them on your windowsill or hang them up by their stalks – this will help ripen them up. 
Prep your vege bed by removing any crop that has done its time. Turn over the soil, and remove all the weeds. Give your vege bed a good feed; we recommend watering your garden bed with Tui Organic Seaweed prior to planting. This just gives your plants an extra boost. 
Start planting your brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages), plus some fast-growing vege such as spinach, silverbeet and kale. These greens are perfect in a smoothie, cannelloni or stir-fries, Plus they’re rich in vitamins.
If you’ve got white butterflies about, cover the seedlings with a cloche or fine bird netting. Make sure the netting doesn't touch any of the plants, so the white butterflies can’t lay their eggs.
Replace your summer flowering annuals with winter ones. Violaspansiespolyanthusgeranium and primulas all thrive in the cooler weather. Hanging baskets work well in winter too, as they require a much lighter watering regime than in summer.  
By now, the leaves would have started to fall. Rake them up and keep them to help mulch your garden. You can crush up the leaves and scatter them around your vege, this will help retain any moisture in the soil.
All of the planting recommendations will be available to purchase after the lockdown period. 

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