August 2018

Ducklings munching on our vege plants

Here at the nursery we have had a very mild winter. We have also been much busier than normal, so I guess home gardeners have been making the most of the weather too. It’s a good job that those lovely plants are making their way to home gardens because it is getting closer to duckling training season. Duckling training season is when mother ducks show their ducklings how tasty Awapuni vege plants are! They do that every year and despite our best efforts the ducks ruin about 20% of our vege plants at that time. I thought I would put it out there, does anyone know of a better way to keep the ducks away? We currently use temporary fences and wire netting frames. Any suggestions welcome – email ideas to me please.

Happy gardening,
Henri Ham

  plant covers at awapuni nursery

Choose to order your plants label-free

At Awapuni we're big on reusing and recycling. Our seedlings are wrapped in newspaper, we use all sorts of recycled boxes to get them out to our customers and we're constantly re-purposing items at the nursery for other uses.

Because we've had trouble finding the right paper stock, our labels are currently printed on plastic. We hope to change these to a biodegradable card (that can handle watering) in the future.

In the meanwhile, as part of Plastic Free July we launched the ability to order our seedlings online without the label - for those who want to be completely plastic free (like the two bundles in the picture). Simply tick the box at checkout that says 'Please don’t put labels on my seedling bundles.'

If you choose this option, you'll need to be able to identify your seedlings yourself when you go to plant them. But we are currently working on taking photos of all the seedlings and putting them on our website to help you identify your plants if you don't have a label. And all the other info from the labels (like planting instructions) is already on our website.


Garden recycling tips

We wanted to share some other garden recycling tips and hacks with you. Got a great tip you’d like to share from your garden? Email us and the best tip will win a $35 Awapuni nursery voucher. Read on for our garden tips.

- Re-use old pantyhose and stockings instead of new string for tying up your garden stakes
- Keep your twisty-ties from the supermarket to use in the garden
- Save old off-cuts of wood to elevate your pumpkins and watermelons and prevent ground rot
- Use newspaper as a base layer to your mulch. Pre-soak it first for extra weight
- Cut up old ice-cream tub lids to make new plant labels
- Break up old chipped and broken pots and use instead of stones to fill up the base of your new pots
- Repurpose things to become new pots in the garden. Old chimney flues, gumboots, wooden or wicker gift baskets. Some might need to be lined with old tarpaulin but remember to add drainage holes first
- Old car tyres – use for sheltering new plants. In the nursery we stack them up and put an old pallet on the top for a makeshift potting table


Reducing waste

Because we’re big on reducing waste, we thought you might be too. So we asked Dominque from She Sees Green to give us her top five tips for cutting down on waste.

Dominque says the key to reducing waste is to just start where you are.

"If you are buying lunch in a plastic container everyday then take a reusable container with you, then move to taking in leftovers. If you are pretty good at recycling but throw food waste into your landfill bin, try to buy less of what you often throw away then consider giving your reduced food waste to your neighbour's chickens or starting a compost bin. Whatever point of the reducing waste journey you’re at, every bit helps to protect our land, water, and air."

Read here for more.



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Credit: Kuriositas

August is a good time to...

With spring just around the corner there is plenty to keep us busy within the garden right now.

It’s now time to plant your brassicas. (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower etc). We also sell mixed vege bundles that have a few of each of these products. When planting work in plenty of compost. Think about staggering your planting (adding some new seedlings every three – four weeks to ensure a long and plentiful crop.)

Plant beetroot, broad beans, lettuce, silverbeet, peas, chilli and rhubarb. Add general fertiliser and some mulch to give the soil a lift.

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Hanging baskets - spring into them now

Are you keen to get going on your spring planting but know its slightly too early to do so? How about sorting out some hanging baskets that will erupt in flowers before you’ve even planted your first tomatoes.

Hanging baskets are a great way to liven up any area, whether it’s a large or small space. Suspend them in entrance ways, under verandas, decks and patios.

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Classy parsley

Did you grow up in a house where parsley was the go-to garnish for classing up platters? Do you remember loading it into white cheese sauce or sprinkling it on your eggs? Parsley was, and remains, a favourite herb in many Kiwi kitchens.

And it’s not surprising when you think about how hugely versatile a herb it is. Almost any boiled vegetable can be topped with parsley (and butter in our house). Appetisers, whether they’re fish, hummus or cheese-based, can all benefit from a sprinkling of parsley. Find yourself short on basil for your pesto? Just use parsley instead. The list of uses for parsley in the kitchen are endless.

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Strawberries not performing

Have you had any problems with your strawberry plants from Awapuni this year? We’ve had a couple of customers contact us to let us know their chandler strawberries have died. Our other two varieties (camarosa and ventena) are doing well. But we want to know if you’ve had problems with any of the strawberry plants you’ve purchased from us this season. If you have, please email us and let us know where you purchased the strawberries from and what happened.


Fundraising for your kindy, school or charity?

Did you know that Awapuni offers a fundraising option to support your local cause? It is a simple and easy way for your kindergarten/school or charity to raise money in a healthy way.

Your school or organisation will get given a unique fundraising code to share with friends and family. Over a two week period your organisation will encourage supporters to make a purchase from the Awapuni Nurseries online shop and enter the unique code. Your supporters will pay the same price all our customers do, but by entering the unique code we will know to give 20% of that sale (excluding delivery fees) to your fundraising group.

Each order will be sent to the individual who made the order (just like with our regular customers) within our normal delivery timeframes.

At the end of the fundraising period we will tally up the orders that have your unique code and will send you a report and deposit 20% of those sales into your nominated bank account.

For more information check out the details on our website. Easy!


Last month’s feedback on chockos and rusty tools...

In July we asked you if you were a fan of chokos. And who thought it was something we should add to our list of seedlings. We got some great responses some of which we wanted to share.

Colleen said “Please don’t inflict these ghastly things on new generations! We were forced to eat them as children and no matter how well my poor mother tried to disguise them they still tasted dreadful. They are very watery and most unpleasant and I can’t imagine that they have enough nutritional value in them to justify adding them to anyone’s diet.”

Sara had fonder memories and said, “They are always really yum with either a bit of butter or a splash of cream or even just some grated cheese, you don't always need to go to all the trouble of a cheese sauce with this yum vege! My fave is butter with salt and pepper.”

Lauren said “I use them in stews, vege fry ups and roasted sprinkled with rosemary.”

And thanks to Bernadette who shared her idea on rusty tools prevention and won a $35 Awapuni voucher. Bernadette said “After each use I spray them with Mr Muscle window cleaner (blue liquid). It immediately lifts all the sap and plant matter off the tool. Then follow up the spray with a quick dry off with an old rag / towel and your new tools will stay looking clean and rust free.”


What’s cooking?

This month we’re sharing two recipes on things you might be harvesting right now in your garden. Cauliflower rice is a healthy substitute for plain rice and great if you’re looking for a change. Cauliflower rice makes a tasty bed for your curries and soaks up all those juicy bits.

Got some spare leeks you’re keen to try something new with? Check out this spaghetti with leeks recipe. It’s a creamy one pot dish that looks delish.


DIY movable planter on wheels

Feeling inspired to get building and be creative in the garden right now? Check out this DIY guide from Bunnings to building a movable planter on wheels. It’s a step by step video on how to make a planter.

Bunnings have tons of great online tutorials for DIY tasks on how to build things at home. They leave you feeling totally inspired to be able to do anything you want.

Credit Colorfully, BEHR blog

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