January 2018

Lots to do

There is always heaps to do at the nursery, this time of the year is a good time for us to tidy up our seedling benches. As you might know, we use a lot of recycled materials at the nursery. Here we have benches made of recycled tyres and wooden pallets. Unfortunately, the pallets only last a year before needing to be replaced. Luckily, we have a good supply of pallets.

To all those people who made it to our open days, thank you for your interest, we really enjoyed showing you around. For anyone interested in our tours, we run them every December. Hope to see you then.

Happy gardening.

Passionate about passionfruit

Passionfruit are a delicious summer fruit that can be enjoyed in salads, desserts, drinks, sauces and of course eaten fresh.

They are a sub-tropical plant, which basically means they need a lot of sun (at least six hours a day) and also like water.

And they also need something to grow on – like a trellis or similar strong structure.

If you think you’ve got just the spot to grow passionfruit, then head here to order your passionfruit seedlings.

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Zucchini and feta fritters

Fritters are one of our favourite snacks to make out of home-grown zucchini. So when we saw this slightly different take on our usual fritter recipe we thought we’d share it in case you’ve got excess zucchini you’d like to use up.

Click here for Matt Moran’s zucchini and feta fritter recipe. And because it’s been so popular, we thought we’d share again the zucchini relish recipe on our website. Go here to check it out.
  Photograph: Will Meppem/Murdoch Books

Grow beautiful borders with ageratum

As most of us gardeners learn over time (often through trial and error!), some plants are suited to some purposes better than others.

Bedding, hanging baskets, pots, tubs, rock gardens and more. Well, ageratum is one of the top plants I think of when someone says they would like to create a floral border.

It’s perfect for borders because it grows quite densely and it doesn’t grow too tall. Plus, I personally think it looks quite stunning when grown in a border.

At Awapuni Nurseries we stock two varieties of ageratum – blue and pink. They both grow to a height of 20cm and are also good for growing in bedding, window boxes and rock gardens.

You can order your Awapuni ageratum seedlings from here.

Once you’ve got your plants look for a full sun to semi-shade spot in the garden and plant each one around 20cm apart.

Ageratum can cope with pretty dry conditions but it will do better if you water it regularly.

Depending on the weather where you are, in around four to eight weeks you can expect to see this easy-care plant flower.
Stagger your planting

A common mistake that new gardeners make is to plant all desired vegetable seedlings all at the same time. Why’s this a mistake? Because it means you’ll very likely end up with everything ready to harvest (and eat) at the same time! To stagger your planting means to plant a little, often. For example if you want a constant supply of lettuce, plant a few seedlings every few weeks. That way you’ll always have some on hand. If you’re worried you’re still going to end up with too much produce, take a look at our mixed bundles. These are perfect for staggering, as you get a couple of seedlings of each variety in each bundle.

Easy-care flowers

Sometimes at this time of year it’s nice to have flowers in your garden that will look lovely but you don’t have to worry about too much. Dianthus, livingstone daisies and gazania are all flowers that don’t need a lot of attention and enjoy the warmer weather of summer. For tips on growing dianthus go here. Livingstone daisy, click here. And gazania here. To purchase any of these low-maintenance flowers visit our online shop.

Lovely lavender

We’ve got several varieties of lavender seedlings and plants available to purchase at the moment. So we thought we’d do a little run down on the various individual traits of each one. Lady lavender and the two bandera varieties (pink and purple) are all perfect for growing in pots as they only grow to around 20cm high. They will also grow well as edging or in low hedges. The bandera lavenders (also known as Spanish lavender) will be ready to purchase in around three weeks and produce flowers with beautiful flags (bracts) on top in their respective colours. Hidcote (pictured) grows to around 35cm tall and, along with lady lavender, has a deep purple colouring. Munstead grows a little taller at 50cm high and is often grown in borders or garden beds. French (dentata) is the perfect lavender for creating a hedge as it grows to 100cm or more tall and can be trimmed easily with a hedge trimmer to make a uniformed-looking hedge. French has a similar flower to the bandera varieties but the colour is closest to munstead which we would describe as a ‘lavender’ purple. They all produce a lovely lavender fragrance and all are loved by bees.
Photograph: Murdoch Books  

Preserve your produce

If you’re lucky sometimes you can end up with more produce than you know what to do with. That’s when it can be a good idea to pickle or preserve your bounty to enjoy later. Here are a couple of tasty sounding tomato and zucchini preserve and pickle recipes. And here are some quick pickle recipes – ones that are stored in the fridge for eating over summer.

January is a good time to...

Harvest your garlic if you haven’t already. Deadhead your flowers. Mulch and water the garden in the morning or evening. Cut back your roses. And keep planting!

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Define your search

Did you know you can search for products at our online shop based on a wide number of parameters? You can refine the search based on growing conditions (i.e. full-sun, shade etc), type (i.e. cut flower, borders, fragrant etc), soil type and colour.

Growing imagination

If you’re keen to do a couple of kids activities in the garden these school holidays, here are two cool ideas. This link will take you to nine enchanting fairy gardens to build with your kids. And this project is for the dinosaur lovers out there. If you’ve got any fun gardening-related ideas for keeping the kids entertained this summer we’d love to hear. Email us here.
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