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Awapuni Nurseries Fundraising

A simple and easy way for your kindergarten/school or charity to raise money in a healthy way!

How it Works

Your school or organisation will get given a unique fundraising code to share with friends and family.

Over a one or two week period your organisation will encourage supporters to make a purchase from the Awapuni Nurseries online shop and enter the unique code.

Your supporters will pay the same price all our customers do, but by entering the unique code we will know to give 20% of that sale (excluding delivery fees) to your fundraising group.

Each order will be sent to the individual who made the order (just like with our regular customers) within our normal delivery timeframes.

At the end of the fundraising period, please contact us, we will then tally up the orders that have your unique code and will send you a report and deposit 20% of those sales into your nominated bank account.

How to get started

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for organisers before contacting us regarding fundraising.

If, after reading the FAQs, you would like to fundraise with Awapuni Nurseries, please send an email to media@awapuni.co.nz with the subject Fundraising. The email should include the following:

- School or organisation name
- Fundraising contact
- Role of fundraising contact within the organisation
- Address of school or organisation
- Phone number
- Two week period you’d like to run the fundraising
- Bank account details for payment (include bank address)

We recommend you contact us 2-4 weeks before you want to run the fundraising to allow time for set up from our end, and for you to give the fundraising lots of lead-up promotion.

Someone from our team will get back to you within three working days of receiving your email.

Fundraise with us