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The purple passion fruit is subtropical and prefers a frost-free climate. The vines may lose some of their leaves in cool winters. The roots often resprout even if the top is killed. The plant does not grow well in intense summer heat.Plant passion fruit vines in full sun except in very hot areas where partial shade is preferable. The vine can be rather rampant, so it is important to plant it next to a chain link fence or install a strong trellis before planting.

Best Use

  • Edible
  • Climbing
  • Vegetable

Planting Instructions

  • Plant in sheltered, full sun in well-drained soil
  • Plant will need support or trellis to grow up
  • Dig in organic matter before planting
  • Pour slow-release citrus fertiliser in planting spot
  • Plant each seedling around 2m apart
  • Apply mulch around seedling and water

Gardening Guide

Growing passionfruit for pleasure

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