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Calendula - Dwarf
Calendula - Dwarf
Calendula - Dwarf

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Calendula - Dwarf

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Calendula has some amazing anti-viral, anti-genotoxic and anti-inflammatory medicinal properties. This attractive plant flowers all year round and is good for bedding, pots, and cut flowers. It's also known as a winter marigold.

Compact, hardy flowering plants that can thrive even in less fertile soil. This variety has full to double blooms in a variety of colours from creamy yellow to orange shades. It's low-maintenance and easy to grow, fast growing with a bushy habit. They are great companion plants to carrots, geranium, lavender, roses, salvia.

They look beautiful when grown in containers as well.


1. It attracts bees and butterflies.
2. Natural Pest Control
3. Edible Flowers
4. Companion Planting
5. Easy to Grow and Low-maintenance
6. Beautiful bright colours to make a vibrant garden 
7. Long Blooming Period
8.  Drought Tolerant and cold-tolerant

Variety: Fiesta Gitana Mix

  • bedding
  • bedding edging, rockgarden and pavers
  • free flowering
  • bedding borders pots