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Rengarenga Lily

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This beautiful lily is a New Zealand native, perennial plant.  It can be found naturally north of Greymouth and Kaikoura coastal areas and usually seen near rocks. 

They look stunning when planted in large groups. The closer together they are planted, the sooner you will achieve a mass-planted look.  They die off in winter and come back in spring.

Mature height 50cm x width 50cm.

Photo: Plant-size PB2 bag


Bulk 100 Plant Rengarenga Native Combo

Bulk 50 Plant Rengarenga Native Combo


Planting Instructions

Ideal for mass plantings. They flower best in full sun or part shade. Low maintenance. Plant them in between rock crevices or small pockets of soil in rock gardens. Depth and Spacing: Plant with the crown just below soil surface level & 60cm apart.

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