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Tomato and sweet basil sale 15th Oct 2021

This deal is only valid until 2 pm 15th October 2021 or while stocks last. Deal valid online only and standard shipping rates apply. The code: TOMBAS21 will apply at checkout but is only for tracking purposes. The prices have already been discounted to reflect the 50% discount. 

Auckland: We're experiencing delays with some orders. 95% of orders are getting there ok, albeit a bit late, but 5% are not. Please think about this before placing an order.

Rural deliveries: Our couriers have advised us that these deliveries are taking longer than usual to arrive. If you are rural please hold off ordering OR provide a non-rural address for delivery if you can. If you would like to place an order, please note that this is at your own risk.


What are established plants?

An established plant is a large plant that has had extra months of growing in our nursery to instantly appeal to your garden and fast forward the pleasure you will receive from that plant. Our established native plants are sold in a PB2 sized, soft, black plastic potting bag with 1.2L of soi and our established vege, flower and herbs are sold in PB 3/4 bags (second image)


What’s the difference between established plants and the seedlings in the newspaper-wrapped bundles?

The regular and bulk-sized bundles are seedlings which we have germinated from seeds so that you don’t have to do the hard work of germinating seeds. These seedlings are packaged in recycled newspaper, which we call bundles. An established plant is a large plant that has had extra months of growing in our nursery to instantly appeal to your garden and fast forward the pleasure you will receive from that plant. Our established plants sizes vary,  our natives are sold in a PB2 sized, soft, black plastic potting bag with 1.2L of soil and our perennials, established herbs and vege will now be moving into PB 3/4 bags as from spring/summer 2020.

Awapuni NurseriesRegular
Awapuni NurseriesBulk
Awapuni NurseriesEstablished


Why are established plants more expensive than the ones in the newspaper-wrapped bundles?

The established plants cost more than the newspaper-wrapped seedlings because they are bigger and have had much more time growing in the nursery to become established. They will give an instant appeal when planted in your garden.

How much do the established natives cost?

The established natives are $8.50.

How much do the established plants cost?

Our established herbs, vege and perennials will be moving to smaller bags (PB 3/4). These will sell for $5 for an individual plant. The regular-sized seedling bundles are $5.99 each.

How are your seedlings different to other seedlings sold in other nurseries?

Our seedlings are sturdy plants grown in cell trays so each plant has a strong individual root system, they are of a size that they will transplant comfortably into your garden and given some time, water, nutrients and sunlight will develop into established plants for you to enjoy. Seedlings sold by our competitors will often not have individual root systems. This means their roots are all tangled together when you take them out of the punnet and can be damaged easily. If the roots are damaged, the seedlings are not as likely to establish well in the garden.

Are native plants established plants?

Most of the native plants we sell only come as established plants. The exceptions are the green and red carex.

What varieties do the established plants come in?

Over 90 of our plant varieties from each range (herb, veg, flower, native and perennial) are sold as established plants. What's available at any one time will depend on the time of year. We expect to have most of the 90 varieties available to purchase as established plants in spring.



How do I get free delivery?

We will deliver for free to any non-rural address if you spend Spend $100 or more (online orders). For more details visit our Shipping & Delivery page.

I live rurally, am I able to get free delivery?

Unfortunately, there will always be a charge for delivering to a rural address. Depending on the amount you spend, delivery will be between $7.00 and $17.00. Please visit our Shipping & Delivery page to work out exactly how much delivery will cost.

Why does it cost more to deliver established plants?

Because our established plants have had much longer to grow in the nursery, they are significantly bigger than our seedlings. Each established plant is also in a 1.2L bag of soil. Because of the weight and size of the established plants, the cost of delivery is slightly more expensive. Please visit our Shipping & Delivery page for more details on the cost of delivery.

I only want to order established plants - no seedling bundles - what will it cost me to deliver to a non-rural address?

If you order less than nine established plants your delivery to a non-rural address will cost $10. If you are order nine or more established plants to a non-rural address your delivery will be free.

I only want to order established plants - no seedling bundles - what will it cost me to deliver to a rural address?

If you order less than nine established plants your delivery to a rural address will cost $16. If you order nine or more established plants your delivery to a rural address will cost $6.

Why did your delivery fees change?

We always try to keep delivery fees at the minimum level possible for our shoppers. With increasing courier costs, we’ve had to make some changes in freight.  To keep it fair, delivery fees can vary depending on the size of your order (seedlings vs. established plants) and also where it’s being delivered to (rural vs non-rural).



Can I book a tour of the nursery?

If you'd like to see what goes on behind the scenes at our nursery, send us an email or call 0800 332 000 to arrange a tour. Tour groups must have a minimum of 20 people. Attendees are welcome to visit the nursery seedling shop after the tour.

Do you hold regular tours of the nursery?

If you have a group of more than 20 people you can book a tour of the nursery by calling 0800 332 000. Alternatively, we typically hold three tours of the nursery during December each year. Follow us on Facebook or sign up to our newsletter, Cultivated News, to stay up-to-date with information on this.


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Can I purchase a gift voucher for a friend?

Yes, you can. Visit our online shop to view our gift vouchers. 

Can I use my Awapuni Nurseries gift voucher at a supermarket or other Awapuni stockist?

No. The Awapuni Nurseries vouchers can only be used on our online shop

How do I redeem my gift voucher?

To use your voucher, simply copy and paste the code into the Discount/Voucher Code field during check out. Then click Apply Discount.

Only one code can be used per transaction.

Do I need to spend the whole voucher at one time?

No. You can spend as much or as little as you'd like each time. Just keep using the voucher code until all the money on it has been spent.

If I order a gift voucher, how do I receive it?

Your gift voucher will be sent to your email. It is easiest to then forward the gift voucher email to your recipient. 

I purchased a gift voucher but I have lost the code, what can I do?

If you lose your gift voucher code please email us

How long is my Awapuni Nurseries gift voucher valid for?

It is valid for forever. If it still has money on it, it's still valid. 

Can I get FREE delivery with my gift voucher?

If you purchase enough eligible products with your voucher, then yes you are entitled to free delivery. 


Does Awapuni Nurseries offer any way for schools/kindergartens or charities to fundraise?

Yes, we do. Visit our fundraising page for all the details. 


Do you offer discounts on plants for charitable causes or community gardens?

If you have a community garden or a charity group that requires plants or sponsorship please contact Kim via email with your request. We deal with each request on a case-by-case basis.


I run a nursery, landscaping or garden centre business, can I purchase Awapuni plants at a wholesale price?

Yes, we have wholesale discounts available to commercial businesses. Please contact us on 0800 33 2000 or email us to discuss a wholesale account. If you are a landscaper, please sign up on this link.