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Loyalty Programme

We want to reward you for ordering your plants and gardening products from Awapuni Nurseries website. Join our loyalty programme, login when you order and for every online purchase you make you’ll receive loyalty points to spend how you want on our Awapuni website. 

Every time you make a purchase from our online shop we’ll give you loyalty points. With our new loyalty programme, you'll be able to redeem your points across the whole site!

We now work on a tiered Loyalty system, the more you spend the more points you earn. Here's how the tier system works:


0 - 999 points


1000-1999 points


2000+ points

Milestones & Extra Points

Each tier will have a minimum point value, once customers reach these milestones they will move up in the tier. If you choose to use your points you'll remain in your tier system. Eg if you have 1500 points and you use them all you'll remain a silver member. If you have not purchased over 12 months you will drop down a tier. For example a Gold member with no purchases in 12 months will drop to Silver. 

Your points are valid for 12 months

Create an account

Create an account with us and you’ll automatically join our loyalty programme. Then for every purchase, you make you’ll receive loyalty points to spend as you'd like on our Awapuni website. If you already have an account with Awapuni Nurseries, you are automatically part of our loyalty programme and can start earning points straight away.

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