Loyalty Programme

We want to reward you for ordering your plants and gardening products from Awapuni Nurseries. Join our loyalty programme and for every purchase you make you’ll receive loyalty points to earn you FREE bundles of Awapuni seedlings.

Every time you make a purchase from our online shop we’ll give you loyalty points. When you reach 60 points you can choose a FREE regular bundle of seedlings to go with your next order.

Create an account with us and you’ll automatically join our loyalty programme. Then for every purchase you make you’ll receive loyalty points to earn you FREE bundles of Awapuni seedlings. If you already have an account with Awapuni Nurseries, you are automatically part of our loyalty programme and can start earning points straight away.

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How does it work?

Can I save up my bundles?

Yes, you are welcome to save up your FREE bundles for as long as you want and redeem as many as you want on each order. For example, if you have 120 points then you are entitled to 2 FREE bundles. At the checkout you can choose to redeem both, one or none.

How do I redeem my FREE bundle?

Find the bundle (valued at $4.29) you would like to choose in our Online Shop. Add it to your cart. When you are in the checkout click ‘Redeem bundle’. This will give a discount to your order of $4.29 (the value of one bundle). If you would like to redeem more than one bundle, simply click the button again.

Can I use my FREE bundle to go towards FREE delivery?

No. Your FREE bundle/s don’t count towards free delivery. If you are ordering to a standard delivery address (not rural) and would like free delivery, you will need to order either 7 items (NOT including established plants) or 9 items (including one ore more established plants). For more details on shipping click here.

Can I choose my FREE bundle?

Yes, you can choose from any regular bundle valued at $4.29.

How do I know how many points I have?

Simply log in to your account and your points balance will be displayed here. This is also where your free bundle will be displayed when you have reached 60 points.

What does the big circle show?

This shows how many points you are away from your NEXT free bundle. It doesn't show your total balance of points. 

Is there a minimum order I need to make to claim my free bundle?

No. But you'll need to pay for delivery.