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All about Planting Garlic

It's garlic planting season and we've curated the top tips in growing garlic in New Zealand! We hope you find this helpful and will help boost your garlic yields by summer!

Garlic is a valuable ingredient that brings in extra flavour in many dishes! It's traditionally planted on the shortest day of the year but it can be planted from autumn through winter.

1. Ideally, the suggested planting time for garlic is mid-June to August.

2. Garlic loves well-draining soil. Good drainage is important to reduce risk of bulbs rotting. 

3. Garlic does not like weeds. Weeds compete with the required nutrients and moisture.

4. Moderate watering needed. In warmer months (Nov-Dec), as garlic bulbs start to form, make sure it gets enough water 

5. You may plant them in pots and containers too. This way you can move the plants around where there's most sun.

6. If you're planting them directly into the ground, choose a sunny spot. 

7. In very cold areas of New Zealand, prepare to mulch for better yields. Straw is a good insulator.

8. Garlic needs rich soil.  You may want to consider TUI Novatec Premium Fertiliser for container planting. Apply Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic through the season to encourage larger cloves.

9. Harvest in summer once the tops start to die back. Don’t pull the leaves, dig the plant up carefully with a fork. You may leave the plants to dry on the top of the ground for a week or so.

10. Store garlic in airy, dry place, out of the sun and rain.

Watch out for rust. Click here for some tips in dealing with rust. 

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