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Mobile Vege Patch

Mobile Vege Patch

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Short on space? Tui's Mobile Vege patch is a great solution. It's a self-watering planter and a great and simple way to grow your vege.


Here's how to assemble your vege patch:

  1. Remove the black insert from the base of the container. Take out the three folded trellis sections, six risers and two side supports.
  2. Re-fit the black insert into the container, taking care to align the raised insert with the holes in the side of the container.
  3. Select which side of the container you want the trellis fitted. Insert two risers and the first trellis section.
  4. For stability snap-fit, the side supports to each end, then fit into the keyhole-shaped cut-outs on the top side of the container ends.
  5. Add extra sections of the trellis as your plants grow