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Manuka 25 Seedling Combo

Manuka 25 Seedling Combo

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Mānuka is an important tree in New Zealand for forest regeneration. It is fast-growing and its flowers provide a vital source of pollen and nectar for bees.

Mānuka 25 Seedling Combo
- 25 Mānuka seedlings
- 25 Slow-release fertiliser tablets
- 25 PB2 Bags

Mānuka Combo Planting Steps
Prepare your Mānuka seedlings, fertilisers and PB2 bags. 
Add garden mix into the PB2 bag and fill it to two-thirds up.
Add the slow-release fertiliser then add the Mānuka seedling (not directly on top of the fertiliser tab).
Top up the soil with garden mix and potting mix slightly covering the base of the seedling's trunk. Add some water.  


Pro tips:

1. If you are planting in summer: keep the plants out of the direct sun for the first 2 or 3 weeks.

2. Try not to place the roots directly on top of the fertiliser tab.

3. Transplant in cooler weather (or in autumn conditions).

4. Use high-quality soil/potting mix* (*not included in this package). For 100 seedlings, you may need 3 bags of 40L potting mix.