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Moringa Horseradish Tree
Moringa Horseradish Tree

Moringa Horseradish Tree

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Moringa Horseradish Tree is a fast-growing, highly regarded tree. It has beautiful yellow-white, fragrant flowers in racemes; and, produces seed pods.  

This tree from Northern India is high in vitamins and minerals and almost entirely edible from the leaves and seeds to the roots. 

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Moringa horseradish tree seedling matures 1 year from transplant, up to 30 feet high (around 10 meters over time).  Flowering starts within approximately six months after planting. 

Growing tips for Moringa Horseradish tree seedlings:

1. Over watering causes stress on the plants especially during the growing periods (when the plant is still less than 6 feet tall). This plant is reasonably drought-tolerant.

2. Some gardeners continuously prune the tree as it reaches 6 feet (2 meters tall) to encourage it to grow into more of a bush instead of becoming too tall. 

3. In colder climates, moringa is deciduous, dropping its leaves in autumn. It won't tolerate deep cold. 

Cooking tips: cook leaves like spinach, seed pods like green beans and roots like horseradish. The nutrient-rich Moringa leaves are also used in soups and stews.


Common names: malunggay, drumstick tree, horseradish tree

Climate: Tropical; sub-tropical 

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