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Carrot Early Nantes Organic

Carrot Early Nantes Organic

1 Each


Carrot Early Nantes Organic Seeds

An excellent 100% organic variety for early and successional crops producing uniform blunt-ended roots. The flavour is outstanding. Grows well in any open position on a light, rich soil which has not been recently manured. Ideal for deep freezing.


How To Grow
Sow thinly, 1/4'' (5mm) deep allowing about 12in. (30cm) between roots. Keep soil moist. Repeat fortnightly for continuous crops. Thin out as carrots mature, using the young carrots, finally to about 4in (10cm) apart and water well to replace soil displaced from the roots.

When To Plants
All Year Round

12-16 weeks

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter