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Hebe Stricta

Hebe Stricta

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The attractive native Hebe stricta, also known as koromiko, is a white flowering shrub that is highly resilient and adaptable to a variety of New Zealand weather conditions, as long as it is exposed to full sun.

It has been reclassified and renamed to Veronica stricta.

The plant is typically found in open habitats in the North Island and has delicate pale green leaves and tiny white flowers that bloom in the summer, arranged in a dense inflorescence that is longer than the leaves.

Despite its hardiness, the koromiko will find it difficult to survive in shady conditions and is best suited to full sun.

This native hebe / koromiko is a pioneer plant that can be used as a nurse crop for reforestation efforts. It grows to 2 meters in height and 1 meter in width and can withstand windy coastal environments.