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Variety: Glaskins
Rhubarb is a perennial plant which means it is dormant in winter but rejuvenates each spring.
It’s easy to grow and once planted will produce thick, luscious stems that are ripe for picking.
1. Choose the Perfect Companion Plants: Rhubarb loves the company of beans and peas! Their nitrogen-fixing abilities enrich the soil, providing the perfect conditions for robust rhubarb growth.
Chives, thyme and sage are good herbs to plant with rhubarb. They are low maintenance and have same growing conditions as rhubarb. Thyme deters cabbage worms and harmful beetles.
2. Plant rhubarb in well-drained soil, enriched with compost. Ensure it gets plenty of sunlight and water consistently. Harvest stalks by pulling, never cutting, and leave a few for regrowth.
  • vegetable
  • culinary