Kumara - Golden Toka Toka

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Golden kumara (Toka Toka)  is sweeter than red kumara and has a golden skin and flesh. This variety of kumara is not well known, but if you ask any kumara grower this is their preferred variety to grow. 
This variety is well suited for wedges, mashing, roasting and because of its sweet taste, goes well in curry dishes.

Planting Instructions

  • PH should be 6.0 to 6.5
  • Raise a mound of soft soil to around 40cm high
  • Make a trench approx 5cm deep Gently lay seedling so root is lying in the trench parallel, rather than pushing the root down like you might with another vegetable
  • Bend the seedling gently so the leaves are sticking out of the top of the soil (a J shape)
  • Water gently

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