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$8.50 - $15.00 SKU: MANUKA

$15.00 10 seedlings/bundle

$8.50 1 plant/bag PB 2 Bag

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Mānuka produces lots of spreading branches with small, white flowers. Mānuka is great for creating low shelter or a row or screen. It's also well-suited to windy, hilly sites. Or try growing it for firewood or to feed bees.

Plant size:  PB2 bag (established plants)

Great Value Options

Mānuka 25 Seedling Combo $30

- 25 Mānuka seedlings
- 25 Slow-release fertiliser tablets
- 25 PB2 Bags

Mānuka 100 Seedling Combo $90

- 100 Mānuka seedlings
- 100 Slow-release fertiliser tablets
- 100 PB2 Bags

Click here for the top things to consider when growing Manuka trees.


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Best Use

  • Screen
  • Shelter
  • Attracts bees
  • Firewood
  • Native

Planting Instructions

  • If you would like to walk through your mānuka bush plantings then plant around 2.5m apart
  • If you would like to fill an area (without the ability to walk through) then plant them about 1.5m apart

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